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To purchase a signed & numbered 8" x 10" Art Print by Chad Savage, simply enter the title of the piece you want (every image in the galleries has the title on the image) in the box below and hit "Add to Cart".

If you want multiple prints of the same image, you can adjust the quantity on the next page. If you want prints of multiple images, just come back after you've added the first print and enter the title of the next print, Add to Cart, and so on.

$25.00 price includes shipping to the continental United States; if you live outside of the USA, or have questions, email

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NOTE: If you're looking for original artwork by Chad Savage, visit his Etsy Shop!

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Purchase Chad Savage's artwork on an array of products including t-shirts, phone and tablet skins, tote bags, etc. - Chad Savage on

New Artwork

Finished Commission: Ann Marie & Friends

Ann Marie sent me this photo:

Ann Marie Photo

And asked that I paint her surrounded by my signature style of Jack O’ Lanterns. So, I did:

Ann Marie & Friends

She’s wearing a 1968 Collegeville Witch Costume mask and shawl (but not the dress that came with it). It was both fun and frustrating hunting down color images of that costume for reference!


2 New Paintings for 2 Upcoming Gallery Shows

Knocked out 2 paintings in the last 48 hours for 2 gallery group shows that need the artwork by Friday. How do I let this happen every year? I don’t know.

The paintings:

Autumn Acolyte by Chad Savage

Autumn Acolyte

Autumn Conjurer by Chad Savage

Autumn Conjurer

The gallery shows:

The Third Annual Maleficium Dark Art Exhibition

MF Gallery's 11th Annual Halloween Art Show

Night of the Living Dead Poster Art for Flashback Weekend

Just finished a hand-drawn poster to commemorate a 45th Anniversary Screening of Night of the Living Dead at Flashback Weekend this August, hosted by director George Romero. This poster will be given to everybody who attends the screening on August 9th – CLICK HERE for details.

Night of the Living Dead Poster Art by Chad Savage

Night of the Living Dead Poster

I’m doing a Limited Edition Night of the Living Dead poster for Flashback Weekend this year – here are a couple of shots of the progress:

Night of the Living Dead Sketch
Night of the Living Dead Inked

New Orleans Story Illustration

I got a last minute story illustration commission from Cemetery Dance while at the World Horror Convention in New Orleans this past week. Here’s the result.Trueblood Views Another World by Chad Savage

Halloween Artist Bazaar Proud Member of the Etsy Dark Side


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