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To purchase a signed & numbered 8" x 10" Art Print by Chad Savage, simply enter the title of the piece you want (every image in the galleries has the title on the image) in the box below and hit "Add to Cart".

If you want multiple prints of the same image, you can adjust the quantity on the next page. If you want prints of multiple images, just come back after you've added the first print and enter the title of the next print, Add to Cart, and so on.

$25.00 price includes shipping to the continental United States; if you live outside of the USA, or have questions, email

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Chad Savage on

NOTE: If you're looking for original artwork by Chad Savage, visit his Etsy Shop!

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Purchase Chad Savage's artwork on an array of products including t-shirts, phone and tablet skins, tote bags, etc. - Chad Savage on


Finished Commission: Ann Marie & Friends

Ann Marie sent me this photo:

Ann Marie Photo

And asked that I paint her surrounded by my signature style of Jack O’ Lanterns. So, I did:

Ann Marie & Friends

She’s wearing a 1968 Collegeville Witch Costume mask and shawl (but not the dress that came with it). It was both fun and frustrating hunting down color images of that costume for reference!


Halloween Artist Bazaar

I just joined the Halloween Artist Bazaar – “Halloween Artist Bazaar is an emporium for unique handcrafted Halloween, holiday art, oddities and curiosities. Here collectors will find self-representing artist who create in the vein of nostalgic, whimsical, macabre and fantasy year round. The artists sell their handcrafted wares through their own selling venues, shops and websites and are gathered together as a collection of artist as an online art bazaar. Members collaborate as Halloween Artist Bazaar artist group to collectively benefit each other in their artistic selling endeavor through promotion and cross promotion under the Halloween Artist Bazaar title.”

Halloween Artist Bazaar

Upcoming Gallery Exhibits & Openings

I have artwork in two upcoming dark art gallery exhibits in Chicago, both group shows featuring far more talented and well-known artists than myself (you bet I feel lucky to have my work hanging in their company!).

This Saturday, October 27th, the annual Gallery Provocateur Halloween Dark Art Exhibition kicks off with an opening reception from 8:00 pm to midnight. Details and information at

Gallery Provocateur Annual Halloween Dark Art Exhibition

Then on Saturday, November 3rd, the Kosart Gallery will have its opening reception for the Second Annual Maleficium Dark Art Exhibition from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm. Details and information at

Maleficium 2012

Whether or not you dig my artwork, both of these exhibits are featuring some really impressive names and are definitely worth checking out!

New Painting: Pumpkinstein’s Monster

It’s probably not too hard to figure out the thought process that led to this…

Pumpkinstein's Monster

Halloween Treat #3

This wallpaper also has its roots in the 2010 Jack O’ Lantern Project, using a JOL made entirely of leaves. Enjoy! Click the image to get the full-size version.

Same deal applies: Google instructions for installing a desktop wallpaper, and you can’t use this image for anything OTHER than a desktop wallpaper on your computer or device.

Sinister Visions Halloween Wallpaper 2012 #3

Halloween Artist Bazaar Proud Member of the Etsy Dark Side


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